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A single device with endless possibilities.

Are you in charge of a company?

Keepy helps you protect your business.

Keepy offers countless benefits: keep access to company buildings under control with the possibility of knowing who opens the automatic gate and when; set time intervals for enabling and disenabling access; creates temporary access to guests which are disabled after a certain number of days. And not only! The Cloud platform uses the most sophisticated encryption technology currently available: subject to the TLS protocol, all information coming in and out of the device is encrypted and hacker-proof. Your safety is top priority.

Are you a private user?

Keepy simplifies your life.

Keepy is also an IoT device suitable for residential or industrial access management. Among the most sophisticated devices currently available on the market, Keepy is compatible with the vast majority of remote controls on the market, including those that use rolling-code technology. Did you know that you can share Keepy with your family members? Each user is registered through his mobile number which is verified by SMS. Keepy is compatible with both IOS and Android! But there’s more! Do you need to give access to technicians or cleaners? Share access with them too, you can revoke it at any time without the risk of duplication. Whether you are on holiday in the other side of the world or at work, you can open the gate for friends or family members or for deliveries. Keepy makes access to your home safer and allows you to finally give up to the remote control that is so easy to forget and that clutters up your pockets. Finally, you will be able to choose the voice assistant you prefer and with the Wifi connection you will be able to interface with your Google Home or Alexa device. Our mission is to simplify your life.

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