If you have an automatic gate you will have at least once forgotten the remote control and stay away from home. Keepy is the perfect solution for you: an intelligent remote control that allows you to open the garage door or gate from your smartphone.

 Keepy is really simple to use, all you need is a WiFi connection! Unlike most home automation devices, cable connection with the gate control unit is not necessary!

With Keepy you can:

  • Exit completely without keys. You can combine Keepy with any smart lock to get the ultimate keyless experience.
  • Open your gate / garage door from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet.
  • Avoid buying a remote control for each family member or for each apartment owner (condominium). With a Keepy you can grant access to up to 100 people (each must download the free Keepy app).

One device
Endless potential


If any friends call you, you can open the gate conveniently via the app, even if you're having breakfast, cooking or you're in the middle of an interesting conversation.

Never again will you have to run to the intercom to open the gate. Keepy gives you some precious minutes of privacy before letting someone in the house.

You can open your gate from anywhere in the world, you don't even need to be at home.


Keepy can save you a lot of time, money and problems with Amazon deliveries. When you receive the call from the courier, you can open the gate from a distance and let him leave your deliveries in front of the door. It is also a good advantage, when organizing a party, not to spend the evening near the intercom to open the guests when they arrive and when they leave.


With Keepy, you can finally leave all the keys and remote controls behind, and enter the house with your smartphone.

In this case, 1 + 1 is equal to 3 since combining the two intelligent systems together opens up completely new possibilities:

  • Enter your home without any physical key / remote control. Do you or one of your family members always tend to forget the keys / remote controls? Now you and your family can finally get home with your smartphone.
  • Grant access to Airbnb friends and guests. Do your guests come to your house while you're stuck in traffic? With Keepy and a smart lock you can use the Keepy app to grant them access without having to be present in person.
  • Allow employees to enter the home. Are you waiting for the electrician or the maid? Give them temporary access and you can check their arrival and departure times, you will no longer need to be at home while they are doing their job.


Keepy has a communication protocol based on SSL encryption, the same one used for online banking, thus meeting the highest security standards. Therefore it is immune to any vulnerability, only authorized persons can access the building if the administrator grants them access (which can be temporary). Obviously you can lose your smartphone or suffer a theft, but unlike if this happened with the remote control, with Keepy you don't run any risk that thieves can enter your home. In fact, you can simply cancel the access on your smartphone by accessing the platform with your account from another smartphone or asking your administrator to cancel sharing. Furthermore you will no longer run the risk of being stuck outside your home, because even if your smartphone battery is discharged you can access the app from a friend's smartphone or you can call an authorized family member who will be able to open the gate for you from any part of the world in which it is. Finally, the level of security compared to the traditional remote control rises significantly.



  • Compatibility: Keepy is compatible with the vast majority of remote controls for automation, it is possible to check the list of compatible remote controls here.
  • Connection: the Keepy device connects to the Internet via your WiFi network, allowing interaction between the Gate and the smartphone, but the smartphone does not need to be connected to the home WiFi network, it is sufficient that it is connected to the internet, even outside the home .
  • Reliability: you will never have to replace a battery again, because Keepy doesn't need it.
  • Simplicity: you can install Keepy in your home in less than 3 minutes: it is perfect for renters and for everyone else, even if they are not technology experts. Keepy guarantees the possibility to carry out the installation without any need to contact an electrician.
  • Compactness: we have reduced the size of our device to a minimum without compromising the quality of its many features.

Download the Keepy App now.


Keepy is compatible with almost all remote controls on the market, you can check the list of compatible remote controls by clicking the button below.

We bet your remote looks different, right? No problem! In the event that your manufacturer is not yet included in our list, contact us and we will check the compatibility of your remote control.

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