The birth

Keepy is the revolutionary device that allows you to open and close doors and gates or turn off alarms even from miles away. How? With your smartphone.

Forgetting the house keys is a recurrent distraction for many, including the creator of the project: Silvio Lanza, an engineer from Campania currently living in Turin. In 2014 he had the intuition that would launch his career and that change the lives of many users. "I noticed that unlike the remote control there was one thing that I had never ever forgotten: my smartphone" he says. "Why not replace the remote control with an App?" Silvio, at the time still at secondary school, managed in just one week to develop the first prototype.

Since then Silvio has experienced important moments of personal growth, such participating in the Junior Achievement programme. As an undergraduate at the Politecnico di Torino Silvio’s talents made him stand out and he made some important connections, in particular with Professor Paolo Landoni who later became a partner of the project. In 2016 they presented their first business plan at the Turin Industrial Union. They achieved extraordinary results in a very short time: in 2017 they were already part of the Treatabit, the business incubator of the Turin Polytechnic (I3P). In 2018 they started the first Crowdfunding fundraising on the American Kickstarter platform. 2018 was the crucial year: with municipal funding granted through public tender for the financing of the innovative start-ups, Silvio and Professor Landoni were finally able to establish themselves as a company and finance their first production of 500 pieces which will end in July 2019.

"We have developed an average prototype for every year to adapt more and more to the needs of our users and try to offer them the best product with the most modern technology currently available," says Silvio.

After 5 years of constant and passionate work, Keepy was launched on the market in October 2019.

Take it Keepy!


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Silvio Lanza

Founder & CEO


Physical Engineering

Polytechnic of Turin

Paolo Landoni


Associate professor

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Polytechnic of Turin


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