Anyone who has a garage door remote control is likely to have forgotten their remote at least once, and ended up being locked out of their own house. Keepy is the perfect solution: Keepy is an intelligent remote control that allows you to open your garage door, or gate, from your smartphone

Avoid buying a remote for each family member or for each owner of a jointly-owned block of flats (condominium)

With one Keepy you can grant access to up to 100 persons (each one will have to donwload the free Keepy app)

Go completely keyless

You can seamlessly combine Keepy with any smart lock on your home door for a maximum keyless experience for you, your family & friends, service personnel, Airbnb guests and others

Open your gate from anywhere in the world

As long as you are connected to the internet. This also means that you don’t have to buy a new remote for each family member.


If your friend calls you, simply activate the gate opener on your smartphone, even if you are enjoying your breakfast, cooking a meal or having an interesting conversation. Never again will you have to rush to your home intercom just to use the gate opener. Keepy also gives you a few minutes of privacy you always need to get ready to let someone in. You don’t even have to be at home, you can conveniently control your gate from anywhere in the world.


Unattended deliveries with Amazon & Co. can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. When you receive the call with Keepy you can open your main entrance gate and the delivery man can drop your parcel in front of your house door. It’s also a nice feature when hosting a party: you won’t miss out on all the fun anymore only because you have to spend the evening next to your intercom.


You can combine Keepy with any smart lock on your door to turn your house into a smart home. With Keepy, you can finally leave all your keys and remotes behind and enter through gate and door without any physical key or remote. In this case, 1+1 equals 3 as both smart control together open up completely new possibilities:

Enter in your home without any physical key/remote. Do you or one of your family members always tend to forget the keys/remotes? Now you and your family can enter your home conveniently with your smartphone.


Grant access for friends & Airbnb guests. Your guests arrive at your place while you’re still on the go? With Keepy and a smart lock at your door you can use the Keepy app to grant them access without having to be there in person.


Let service providers into your home. Expecting the electrician or your cleaning lady? By granting service providers time-restricted access and logs about their arrival and exit time at your place you don’t have to be at home while they are doing their job.



We think the time is ripe to make smart access a reality for everyone with Keepy. As many other people we believe in a smart and keyless future that makes lives easier. The ability to grant access to people without having to share physical remote or without having to be at home creates an abundance of opportunities, beginning with parcel delivery and expanding to sharing your parking space (park-sharing). That changes the way we live as it significantly increases convenience and saves time for you as a customer, reduces CO2 emissions because of failed deliveries at first attempt for everyone. Our vision is to connect Keepy with the urban ecosystem and provide the missing link between smart home and smart city in order to maximize Keepy’s value for you.
Silvio Lanza

Silvio Lanza


Physical Engineering
Polytechnic University of Turin

Paolo Landoni

Paolo Landoni


Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Polytechnic University of Turin



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